The brand

Guitiãn Paris

Guitiãn Paris was born in the French capital and offers minimalist and feminine pieces, ideal to be worn on any occasion. The brand takes inspiration in the artisanal French know-how, offering the personalization of certain jewels. 

Guitiãn Paris creates little real treasures that accompanies women in the happy moments of everyday life.

The founder

After working for several years in Madrid's fashion and beauty sector, Carmen Guitián decided to settle in Paris. The city in which she founded Guitiãn Paris, fulfilling her dream of creating her own jewelry brand.

When seeking inspiration, Carmen draws attention to the art world and its cubist paintings. The oriental culture serves as a perspective's opener, but, above all, she believes in the eternity feeling contained in a jewel.


Guitiãn Paris is a new treasure born in the Parisian district of Le Marais. Crafted for women who sleep with their jewelry. Who make picnics with crystal glasses. Who appreciate the romanticism of Place Dauphine. And for those who deny love but end up succumbing to it. 

Guitiãn Paris is a sophisticated brand, conceived by and for women.